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  • KVCC for the Win!

    Here’s an article about a really cool program at KVCC (not too far from where Ben and Steve met at WMU). Read more

  • Another Day, Another Dumb Food Lawsuit

    Who knows if we’ll get to this one before the next one crops up. Here’s the story on Here is the story from USA Today It should be noted that the USA Today story neglects to mention that these are shelf stable and found in the chip (crisps) aisle, not the freezer section.

    Read more

  • Purple Tomatoes

    During the episode this week there was a little confusion. We talked about some GMO purple tomatoes and while trying to find seeds discovered a page from OSU about Indigo Rose tomatoes. The Indigo Rose is NOT GMO. It’s a different. tomato. All our GMO tomato talk is in reference to this tomato (which is […] Read more

  • Hello Mexico

    Because nothing says “I’m innocent” like moving to Mexico. Willows Inn Has Closed Permanently Also in the NYT if you get it. Read more

  • Something’s A-mish

    Because food crime really should’t be relegated to the mafia: Amos Miller Read more

  • From the Insta

    A little something Ben found on the insta. This could also be why we put people on the moon… Read more

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