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  • The Last Two Weeks

    Here’s what Ben and I have been looking at the past two weeks. Iowa (and some other states) is attempting to rewrite child labor laws as a solution to labor shortages… um…really? Yes, really. Check it out on Food Safety News (or do a Bing search for it) here: More examples? What about Arkansas also… Read more

  • And now it’s March

    Well, Ben did a bit of digging or his news browser read his mind and he found out some info on the Illinois Cottage Food Law. One of the biggest takeaways we noticed in terms of the Illinois law vs the Montana law is that you’re still required to label the food appropriately in Illinois… Read more

  • Another Week Gone

    This week we got some updates about some bad actors in the meat packing sanitation sector, some pizza news and an advert for an interesting festival in Deerfield. Pics are links to the articles. From the BBC we have an article about a fine levied against a Mars/Wrigley factory that Steve’s wife is fairly certain… Read more

  • Halfway through Feb

    Here is what’s been in our messages this past week. Images are links. Almost immediately after we stopped recording last week Ben discovered another food heist. 11k cases of Chicken wings to be precise. In a way it’s fitting as today is the day of the big game. You can find more info from NBC… Read more

  • Welcome to February 2023

    It’s the month of Valentines and S.A.D. (Single’s Awareness Day). And this year I learned about Galentines not to be confused with Galantines. Things we’re talking about this past week: Canada has a “Super-pig” problem that could spill over in the US. You can read about that here and find out what a super-pig is:… Read more

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