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  • Happy Mutha’s Day

    End of the school year is always a busy time but we’ve still managed to find some interesting things to talk about. For instance, I just discovered that that mascot of Ben’s high school alma matter is a blueberry. It was an arts school so I don’t know if they were the “fighting” blueberries or… Read more

  • Goodbye April

    Things are getting busier so there isn’t much to report for the past two weeks but we do have a couple things of interest for your perusal. Magical orange corn! You can read more about it here: This stuff looks a lot more like the field corn I used to shuck an throw to the… Read more

  • Middle of April

    Well, April is half over and in our neck of the woods it was 80 degrees (F) this week and might snow tomorrow so spring is officially crazy. Here’s what we tossed back and forth this week: Firstly a couple articles about Macaroni and Cheese. As Ben mentioned last week the origin of the now… Read more

  • Easter Week is Over

    It was a busy week so you might wonder if we found anything to possibly talk about. Well, yes we did and also we can (and have) talk(ed) about nothing for 2 hours without breaking a sweat. Ben found a couple articles about a very sudden restaurant closure: Citizen Times story here: Eater story here:… Read more

  • March is Gone

    It’s been a busy week and we didn’t get up to too much mischief. Only a couple food tragedy articles tossed back and forth this week. The first is the story of survival from one of the chocolate factory explosion workers. You can read about that on WFLA here: The other is an article about… Read more

  • The Week Which Was

    Technology was the theme this week, though not on purpose. Before we get to that thought we noted the tragic explosion at a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania. As of posting this the cause and casualty count are still unknown. Chocolate factories didn’t used to be on my list of most dangerous places to work but… Read more

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